The fifth annual Southwest Georgia Regional Model Bridge Building Competition was held in the HPER Building of Albany State University on the morning of February 24, 2007.  Although smaller number of schools and teams participated this year than last year, new records were established in both the short and long span categories. This is particularly significant as we had increased the degree of difficulty this time by shifting the loading point from mid span to quarter span.

The new short span structural efficiency has improved from 542.2 to 559.2  and in the long span category the new record became 194.3 shattering the old record of 182.7. Particularly impressive was the very simple but structurally efficient design of the best bridge in the short span category.

Early County High School won all but the third place in the long span category thus qualifying for the winner's plaque. Dougherty Comprehensive High School won the third place in the long span category. This year we awarded trophies in lieu of cash prizes which was very well received by the participants.

The event was covered by the local TV media. Fox 31 broadcast it on the same evening and Channel 19 on a later day. Pizza and soft drinks were available for everyone after the competition ended. Participants, teachers, judges and student volunteers also got a commemorative T-shirt.

 Georgia Space Grant Consortium   sponsored the competition.

The exact date of the next year's competition and any changes in the rules will be posted here around the beginning of fall semester, 2007.

   For more information contact:    Atin Sinha, Ph.D., P.E.
                                                          Coordinator of Engineering
                                                          Phone: 229-430-4820