The Bridge Competition this year marked 13th straight years of this unique event being held in this part of the state of Georgia. The competition was established by a few individuals with a desire to inspire K-12 students in rural Georgia  to seriously consider enrolling in engineering studies by getting involved in a realistic engineering project with many practical constraints. Over the years, the competition has grown in size and improved in the quality of the bridges designed by the students. Thanks to all the participants, teachers. mentors, parents and the judges and volunteers who continue to support the event by attending on Saturday morning, some of whom had to spend nearly an hour in a bus en route to the competition venue. Though the number of participants and the teams was just a little less this year than last year, the results as evidenced by structural efficiency were overwhelmingly positive with new records established in both the high school and middle school categories. This year 20 teams from 5 high schools and 35 teams from 3 middle schools registered in the competition. Though 3 of the teams were no shows, total number of attendees including contestants, teachers, parents, family members and judges were well over 100.


This year in the high school category Cardinal Fields Home School retained their trophy and plack by winning the 1st place. However in the  middle school category we have a new champion, Thomas County Middle School who won both the 1st and 2nd place in that category. One of the highlights of this year (as was seen last year also) is that the best middle school bridge displayed a structural efficiency (813) that is significantly better than the best high school bridge efficiency (713). Both these new records are far ahead of the previous record (559) achieved in 2007

Table below shows the total number of participants which included teams from the middle schools since 2008 and the results at a glance.

Year No. of Schools No. of Teams No. of Students Registered
2003 7 16 42
2004 5 12 25
2005 4 21 43
2006 5 43 86
2007 3 15 34
2008 10 45 109
2009 9 43 105
2010 8 40 81
2011 8 40 91
2012 9 47 97
2013 8 66 169
2014 9 59 159
2015 8 55 136

Best Bridge in the high school category since inception of the competition

Year Bridge Weight (g) Breaking Load (g) Structural Efficiency
2003 28.1 10276 366
2004 25.6 5789 226
2005 22.8 10198 447
2006 17.5 9489 542
2007 23.7 13253 559
2008 28.1 11114 396
2009 22.7 5930 261
2010 25.8 11542 447
2011 22.6 9332 413
2012 27.5 11932 434
2013 22 5603.5 255
2014 28.3 10811.4 382
2015 25.6 18248.1 713

Best wishes to all the winning team members and their teachers/mentors. We hope you will do even better next year. Also, thanks are due to the continued support and hard work of all the teachers, parents, judges and student volunteers without whose active participation the event could not have taken place.

As usual pizza and soft drinks were available for everyone after the competition ended. Participants, teachers, judges and student volunteers also got a commemorative T-shirt.

 Georgia Space Grant Consortium   sponsored the competition.

The exact date of the next year's competition  will be posted here sometime in early fall of 2015 after the advisory committee meeting.

   For more information contact:    Atin Sinha, Ph.D., P.E.
                                                          Coordinator of Engineering
                                                          Phone: 229-430-4820