Chehaw Park, Albany


in conjuction with


Georgia Space Grant Consortium

invite students and teachers of


Regional Schools in Southwest Georgia

Sixteenth year of Model Bridge Building Competition


Saturday, 24th February, 2018


in the Creekside Education Center of

Chehaw Park, Albany


National Engineers Week

·       The competition is an annual event celebrating National Engineers’ Week in Southwest Georgia to create awareness among school students and their parents about the engineering profession.

·       The event is sponsored by Chehaw Park Authority, which manages one of the two accredited zoos in the state of Georgia and dedicated to conservation, preservation and education of wild life and their natural habitat.

·      The Bridge Competition is possible because of the generous support from NASA sponsored Georgia Space Grant Consortium which promotes STEM education through various school and informal educational events around Georgia as well as research activities of university students supporting NASA programs through various fellowship and scholarship programs.

·      The competition provides an opportunity for students in Southwest Georgia working as a team to solve realistic engineering problems by designing and building a structurally efficient balsa wood bridge according to very demanding specifications. The efficiency is measured by the ratio of the breaking load to the weight of the bridge which is restricted to 1 ounce. A panel of judges from industry and research organizations conducts the testing and declares the winners.

·       The competition is open to all high school and middle school students in Southwest Georgia. Any number of teams, each consisting of 1 to 3 members, can participate from one school in their respective categories (high or middle school).

·       The top 3 teams in each category are awarded commemorative prizes. The plaque in each category is given to the school with the best overall performance in that category. All participants (students and teachers) get free commemorative T-shirts.

Model Bridge Building Tips


Anatomy of A Bridge


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Rules of the competition can be viewed here:

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