ASU sponsors workshops in "Engineering Laboratory Experiments"



Since 2001, every fall semester, Albany State University is sponsoring four weekend workshops to train selected students from four area high schools in laboratory experiments on robotics and computer controlled testing and manufacturing equipment.


The workshops provide hands-on training to students from each of the schools in assembling and programming Lego-Mindstorm miniature robots to perform a specific task, computer aided design and manufacturing of parts in a CNC machine and demonstration of principles of flight in a computer-controlled wind tunnel. The experiments and projects are designed to attract the best and brightest students to the engineering profession.


The workshops are held on Saturdays starting from 9 am to 4 pm in month of October and November. Approximately 15 students accompanied by 2 teachers from each of the high schools (Albany, Monroe, Dougherty and Westover) had attended the workshops each year. The workshops are funded through Georgia Space Grant Consortium, a funding agency of NASA.


For more information contact Dr. A. Sinha from the department of natural sciences at 430-4820 or 430-4823.


Fall 2002 Workshops announcement and pictures


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